segmental casing & RENTALS

Drill Hub casing is produced in a double walled construction as a standard and is designed to withstand all ground conditions and to be paired with any oscillator and higher torque machines due to our rolled forged process.

This gives casings additional rigidity and strength and provides a continuous flush drill string (preventing jamming of drilling tools during insertion and extraction.

Double Wall Casing

In order to provide adequate structural capacity against torsion, especially when the double wall casings are used in conjunction with casing oscillators and rotators, steel bars fabricated in the shape of spirals are painstaking welded to the inner side of the outer casing tube (for 620mm casings, the steel bars are welded to the outer side of the inner casing tube).

We offer double wall casings 620 mm to 3,000 mm diameter.

Single Wall Casing Shoes

The shoes are welded onto standard single-wall casings and help provide sound, easy to maintain and replaceable cutting edge to the casings.

The casing shoes help protect the casing body and at the same time lead to ease in installing the casing because cutting of the formation is done by the HBA60 or HC20 bits and thus less friction is imposed on the casing as it is rotated in place.

Moreover, there is no welding of the bits onto the shoes; when the HBA60 or HC20 bits begin to wear off, the worn bits can be removed from the holders and replaced by new bits.

Casing Drive Adaptor

Casing Drive adaptors available from 620mm to 3000mm.

We provide with Bauer ears or Soilmec ears for attachments and we can accommodate any drill rig.





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